Prostat Corporation
PWS-611PGC No Resistor Grounding Cord
Gounding Cord for use with the PCF-825B Glove CAFE Fixture
  • Wrist strap ground cord
  • Without resistor
  • 6 foot long (1.83 meters)
  • 4mm classic snap
  • Used with the PCF-825B Glove CAFE Fixture



The PWS-611PGC is a 6 foot (1.83 meters) resistor-free grounding cord that is designed for extended use and built to withstand the labors of the work environment. It can be used in many applications from bench to personal grounding. It is also used with the PCF-825B Glove CAFE Fixture for measuring resistance of gloves and finger cots. Its non-tangle and high retention coil make this a great choice for a hassle free path to ground.

The PWS-611PGC features 2.5mm polyurethane coil insulation which offers excellent coil memory. It's designed with a 4mm classic snap so it works in combination with most standard wristbands, including the PWS-610M and PWS-620 Wrist Straps. A swivel type banana jack increases coil life and prevents cord tangles.