Prostat Corporation
PIK-110 Ionization Kit
Measure ionizer performance with the upgradable PIK-110
  • Measure Surface Voltage and Polarity on Objects up to ±19.99 kV
  • Balance Ionizers and Analyze Ionizer Performance in accordance with ANSI/ESD SP3.3
  • Measure Relative Humidity and Temperature in Celcius or Farenheit
  • Measure Body Voltage Generation
  • Measure Charge Decay of Ionizers per ANSI/ESD STM3.1
  • Measure Charge Generation
  • Measure Air Flow Speed



Advanced Portable Ionizer Test Kit
The PIK-110 Ionizer Test Kit contains all the instrumentation included in the PFK-101 as well as advanced equipment making it the most comprehensive portable ionizer test equipment available. The PIK-110 includes the PFM-711B Electrostatic Field Meter, CPM-720B Charge Plate Monitor and PCS-730B ±1 kV Electrostatic Charger for measuring ionizer decay and balance.

Easily Measure Disharge Times from 1,000 Volts
The PDT-740B Static Decay Timer measures the time required for a 1,000 volt charge to dissipate to less than 100, 50 or less than 10 volts in tenths of a second. This extremely useful accessory is used with the PFM-711B and the CPM-720B to evaluate ionizer or material decay time.

Dual Range Field Meter for Measuring Voltage on Surfaces
The hand-held PFM-711B Fieldmeter is an instrument used to perform static surveys and polarity on objects with accuracy of ±5% at ambient conditions (23ºC and 30%Rh). This stabilized chopper can be used in environments with a presence of ionization without drifting. The Hold button allows the field meter to hold the measurement for easy recording. It also features automatic polarity indication, low battery indicator, high and low ranges, distance ranging lights for accurate and repeatable measurements, a Zero control button and a ground snap. The PFM-711B includes two ranges of operation:

  • 0 to 1,999V in 1 Volt increments with <±5% error
  • 0 to 20,000V in 10 Volt increments with <±5% error up to 5kV

4-in-1 Environmental Meter
For measurements of air flow speed and temperature, the Extech 45170 Environmental Meter makes the PIK-110 complete. The 45170 is battery-operated and portable. With multiple velocity settings it can also be used to measure wind velocities and check air conditioning and heating systems. It provides fast, accurate measurements with digital readability and the convenience of a remote sensor. It features simultaneous display of air velocity and temperature.

All the Accessories you Need!
Also included is the PHT-771 Digital Psychrometer for accurate ambient temperature and humidity readings, a Q007B Common Point Ground Adapter Plug and two (2) wrist straps for proper grounding.

Complies to ANSI/ESD Standards
The PIK-110 will assess the performance specifications of ionizers in accordance with the following ESD Association documents:

  • ESD TR53
  • ANSI/ESD S3.1
  • ANSI/ESD SP3.3
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20

The Prostat PIK-110 Kit is completely upgradable to meet your growing auditing demands on today's limited budgets. Customize your kit by adding various options.