Prostat Corporation
PAK-210 ESD Auditor's Kit
Designed for ANSI/ESD S20.20 Program Applications
  • Combines resistance capabilities and advanced field measurement
  • Measure worksurface, equipment, furniture and flooring resistance
  • Check ground and electrical circuit reliability
  • Measure electrostatic fields
  • Analyze ionizer performance
  • Balance ionizers
  • Measure body voltages
  • Measure charge generation and decay time
  • Measure temperature and relative humidity



The Kit all ESD Auditors Need
The PAK-210 ESD Auditor's Kit expands your measurement and audit capabilities. The kit includes all of the equipment in the PFK-101 and PMK-151 kits and adds the necessary equipment for testing wrist strap and footwear checkers, advanced ground and electrical circuit assessment and detailed wrist strap audits.

The Widest Resistance Range on the Market
The PAK-210 includes the PRS-801B Resistance System and 2 each modified 5 pound conductive rubber electrodes. The PRS-801B is capable of measuring from 0.01 ohms to 2.00 x 1014. The Prostat Connect 2.0 software for Windows offers download capabilities to an Excel spreadsheet for advanced reporting.

Keep your Ionizers in Check
The PFK-100B Field Meter Set along with the PDT-740B Decay Timer will make sure you have your ionizers in check. Included with the kit is a lightweight fixture allowing to combine the Field Meter, Charge Plate and Decay Timer into one hand-held unit, making it easier to measure the offset voltage and discharge times of your ionizers.

Measures Electrostatic Field Density
The PFM-711B Electrostatic Field Meter is a dual range capable of measuring electrostatic field voltage from 0 to ±20,000 volts in 10 volt increments at a 1" (25mm) distance. In the low range, the PFM-711B measures field density from 0 to ±1,999 volts in 1 volt increments at 1" (25mm).

Branch Circuit Analysis and Testing
The PGT-61-164 SureTest® Universal Circuit Analyzer now tests circuits internationally. This patented unit incorporates all the branch circuit testing capabilities you need to effectively test and troubleshoot a branch circuit from 85-250 volts, and 45-65 Hz.

All the Additional Accessories you Need
The PHT-771 Digital Psychrometer is provided for temperature and humidity measurement. The kit also includes modified wrist straps for instrument and personnel grounding, a common point ground adapter plug, clamps and clips. It's all contained in a molded carrying case with retractable handle and wheels.