Prostat Corporation
PMK-153 Plant Auditor's Surface Resistance Kit
Includes the PAS-853B Wide Range Ohmmeter
  • Includes the PAS-853B Wide Range Ohmmeter
  • 2 each conductive rubber probes are included
  • Make measurements per ANSI/ESD STM4.1 and ANSI/ESD STM7.1
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Measure temperature and relative humidity
  • Measure resistance of workstations, floors, carts, etc.
  • Certificate of calibration traceable to NIST included



The PMK-153 Resistance Test Kit contains the instruments you need to take resistance measurements.

The PMK-153 includes the PAS-853B Wide Range Ohmmeter with 5 pound Conductive Rubber Electrodes. The PAS-853B instrument is a wide range ohmmeter that measures accurately from 0.01 to 9.9x1012 ohms. In AUTO mode the instrument automatically adjusts resistance range and selects test voltage in accordance with standard practices outlined in ANSI/ESD STM11.11, and meets audit requirements of ESD TR53.

The PAS-853B is easy to operate and has 1 test button.

To measure temperature and humidity, the PHT-771 Digital Psychrometer is also included.

The PMK-153 comes with Prostat's unique 10" and 36" electrode spacers, a ground adapter plug, clamps and a variety of useful accessories. It's all self-contained in a sturdy carrying case. The PMK-153 is highly flexible for your general auditing needs. You may customize the PMK-153 by adding various options.