Prostat Corporation
PET-160 Packaging Engineers Test Kit
Perfect for developing new materials or verifying existing products
  • Measures surface resistance per ANSI/ESD STM11.11
  • Measures volume resistance per ANSI/ESD STM11.12
  • Meets the requirements of IEC 61340-2-3
  • Measure point-to-point resistance per ANSI/ESD STM11.13
  • Approximates surface & volume resistivity per ASTM D-257
  • Includes a concnetric ring and an insulated and metal dual test bed
  • Include a miniature 2-point probe
  • Certificate of calibration traceable to NIST included



A Packaging Testing Kit Designed for Engineers
The PET-160 Packaging Engineers Test Kit is a complete system designed to help engineers develop and test packaging materials.

Wide Range Resistance Meter
The PRS-801B is a wide range resistance system capable of measuring form 0.01 ohms to 200 Teraohms. The PRS-801B also provides a ground reference for grounding the system for high resistance measurements.

Meets the Requirements of ANSI/ESD STM11.11, ANSI/ESD STM11.12 and IEC 61340-2-3
The PRF-911 is a lightweight, low profile concentric ring designed to measure Surface Resistance per ANSI/ESD STM11.11 and Volume Resistance per ANSI/ESD STM11.12. It will also approximate surface and volume resistivity measurements per ASTM D-257. The PRF-911 also meets the requirements of IEC 61340-2-3.

Measure Point-to-Point Resistance of Small Surfaces per ANSI/ESD STM11.13
The PRF-922B is a miniature probe capable to accurately measures point-to-point resistance up to 1.00x1012 ohms when connected to the PRS-801B. When measuring resistance of small surfaces such material samples, hard to access molded areas, edges of parts, tray or tape cells, the PRF-922B is a convenient tool meeting the requirements as described in ANSI/ESD STM11.13.

A Verification Fixture for your Two-Point Probe
The PRV-913B is a convenient fixture used to verify the PRF-922B before making measurements. It confirms its functionality by defining contact with the reference surface inside the verification fixture.

A Dual Test Bed for the either Measurement
The PTB-920 Dual Test Bed that’s included in this kit consists of an insulated test surface for ANSI/ESD STM11.11 Surface Resistance Measurements laminated to a steel test plate, which is employed for Volume Resistivity measurements per ANSI/ESD STM11.12. The four inch diameter steel test bed assembly includes a banana receptacle for instrument connections during volume measurements.

Complete Kit that Includes Grounding Accessories
The PET-160 is a complete that includes the PHT-771 Digital Psychrometer to record temperature and relative humidity. It also includes a wrist strap, the Q007B Grounding Qube and related ground cords.

All of the equipment in the kit is conveniently packaged in a compact carrying case making it easy to store safely or travel with.