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Prostat Corporation
Precise. Portable. Professional. Prostat Corporation is the leading manufacturer of premium ESD control related instruments. From its founding in 1992 to the rapid advances of today’s electronic technology, Prostat continues to uphold its obligation of staying ahead of the curve by continuing to innovate in the Static Control industry.

Known for its wide range, accuracy and portability, we pride ourselves in being able to continue to serve the always evolving technology. You need only to reference the industries we serve to understand the depth of our proven expertise: electronics, automotive, military, medical, aerospace, aviation, technology, and more.

Our ESD kits can be customized to meet your needs, without compromising the quality we are known for. You can work with our highly knowledgeable team of application specialists to determine the best product for your application.

Most of our products are kept in inventory which allows us to inspect, calibrate and ship most orders within 48 hours. Where applicable, our products include NIST Traceable calibration with data, performed at the time of shipment.

However, our high-end service doesn’t simply end with our products. We provide our clients with much more.

The implementation of our instruments and kits—from design, to resilience, to accuracy, to utility—spans the globe. Our know-how in the field of ESD makes Prostat a paragon in its industry. We not only set the template for our industry, but continuously test, reexamine, and modify it as technology moves forward. We never leave our clients behind.

Utility constantly enters the equation when Prostat faces the challenges presented to our clients. Our products are designed for portability with a flexibility to command any ESD control or measurement need—no matter where or when.

Instrument integrity
Prostat crafts kits, equipment, and methodologies that meet and exceed the ever-growing demands of the electrostatic industrial network. We mandate performance, measurement, and reliability every step of the way to resolving your ESD issues.

We don’t turn our back on customer needs after applying the fix. Prostat continuously tests its products and paradigms to meet the new twists and turns of technology related to ESD. Our clients can expect the following from us: calibration and performance documentation of our instruments, repair services, training, and any other support you might need regarding these matters. Prostat is with you every step of the way.

ESD Check – Budget-Friendly Products
Because we understand companies work with challenging budget requirements, Prostat offers a variety of “budget-friendly” products, without compromising the engineering or technological mandates and standards inherent in our entire product line. ESD Check continues to add quality products to its brandwhich can be purchased online at

Prostat University – Worldwide ESD Education
Prostat believes that along with using the best products comes education and knowledge. Our educational division, Prostat University, along with worldwide renown instructors, offers a certification program for TR53 Technician approved by the ESD Association.

We also offer ESD Seminars, webinars and online training. Please visit to learn more.

Our President and Our Team
Prostat’s president, Frank Coloccia, knows what the industry needs and deserves. Over his two decades of servicing Prostat customers—from advising, to equipping, to hands-on calibrations – Prostat’s leader remains heavily involved in product development and research. He has built a team around many of the Prostat products, implementations, and measurement methodologies he created and instituted.

Our team includes an Elite Worldwide Network of Authorized Resellers who provide local sales and technical support across the globe. From our headquarters to every field representative of Prostat, our team commits itself to keeping your services in flow with your needs, no matter where you do business.

You can also rely on our Authorized Calibration Labs which can provide local calibration, repair and warranty services, all under the guidance of highly qualified and trained technicians.