Prostat Corporation
PAK-212 Basic System Kit
Measure Resistance, Electrostatic Fields, and More
  • Combines resistance capabilities and advanced field measurement
  • Measure worksurface, equipment, furniture and flooring resistance
  • Check ground and electrical circuit reliability
  • Measure electrostatic fields
  • Analyze ionizer performance
  • Balance ionizers
  • Measure body voltages
  • Measure charge generation and decay time
  • Measure temperature and relative humidity



Ideal for the ESD Plant Auditor
The PAK-212 Basic System Kit expands your measurement and audit capabilities. The kit includes all of the equipment in the PFK-101 and PMK-152 kits and adds the necessary equipment for testing wrist strap and footwear checkers, advanced ground and electrical circuit assessment and detailed wrist strap audits.

A Wide Range Resistance Meter
The PAK-212 includes the PRS-812B Resistance System and 2 each modified 5 pound conductive rubber electrodes. The PRS-812B is capable of measuring from 0.10 ohms to 1.00 x 1012. The PRS-812B allows to store up to 120 data sets into memory..

Keep your Ionizers in Check
The PFK-100B Field Meter Set along with the PDT-740B Decay Timer will make sure you have your ionizers in check. Included with the kit is a lightweight fixture allowing to combine the Field Meter, Charge Plate and Decay Timer into one hand-held unit, making it easier to measure the offset voltage and discharge times of your ionizers.

Measures Electrostatic Field Density
The PFM-711B Electrostatic Field Meter is a dual range capable of measuring electrostatic field voltage from 0 to ±20,000 volts in 10 volt increments at a 1" (25mm) distance. In the low range, the PFM-711B measures field density from 0 to ±1,999 volts in 1 volt increments at 1" (25mm).

Branch Circuit Analysis and Testing
The PGT-61-164 SureTest® Universal Circuit Analyzer now tests circuits internationally. This patented unit incorporates all the branch circuit testing capabilities you need to effectively test and troubleshoot a branch circuit from 85-250 volts, and 45-65 Hz.

All the Additional Accessories you Need
The PHT-771 Digital Psychrometer is provided for temperature and humidity measurement. The kit also includes modified wrist straps for instrument and personnel grounding, a common point ground adapter plug, clamps and clips. It's all contained in a molded carrying case with retractable handle and wheels.