Prostat Corporation
PFM-711B Electrostatic Field Meter
Hand held field meter locates and measures electrostatic field density
  • Lightweight, portable, hand-held Field Meter
  • Measure in 1 volt/in increments 0 to ±1,999 Volts
  • Measure in 10 V/in increments 0 to ±20,000 Volts
  • Accuracy of <±5%
  • LED ranging lights help position the meter at the right distance
  • Zero button allows the display to be adjusted to zero (0)
  • Hold feature freezes the measurement on the display
  • Use with Prostat CPM-720B Charge Plate Monitor and PCS-730B Electrostatic Charger
  • Use with Prostat PGA-710B AutoAnalysis System or X-Y Plotter
  • Analyze Footwear/Flooring Combinations
  • Verify Ionizer Balance and Decay Time Performance
  • 2-year Limited Warranty (1 year on the sensor)



Uses a Chopper-Stabilized Sensor
The PFM-711B is an accurate, portable electrostatic field measuring device that is easy to use and designed for one hand operation. The PFM-711B is a digital, electronic chopper design, which allows the instrument to make electrostatic field measurements in areas where ionized air is present. Used by itself, the PFM-711B will measure electrostatic fields emanating from virtually any flat surface or object.

Measure in 1 Volt and 10 Volt Increments
The PFM-711B uses a dual range for measuring surface voltage and electrostatic potentials in both positive and negative polarity charges. In the kV/Inch range, the PFM-711B will indicate electrostatic field voltage from 0 to ±20,000 volts in 10 volt increments at 1" (25mm) distance from the charged surface. In the V/Inch range, the field meter measures field density from 0 to ±1,999 volts in 1 volt increments at 1" (25mm) distance from the charged surface. The instrument is easy to use and its controls are designed for one hand operation.

Provides a Ground Reference
The PFM-711B Fieldmeter case is conductive. It provides the ground reference for its measuring circuit. For accurate measurements, it is necessary that the person holding the meter be properly grounded, or the meter has a ground connection made to the 10 mm snap fastener mounted on back of case. Ground the case by wearing a functional wrist strap that is properly grounded. Turn the meter on and select the desired range. Adjust the display to zero (0) volts by pressing the ZERO control.

Bulls Eye for Accurate Measurements
The ranging lights help position the instrument for accurate measurements. Align the front sensor of the PFM-711B Field Meter approximately 1" (25mm) from the surface or object being measured. Move the instrument toward, or away from the surface until the ranging lights are focused on the test surface. Once the field meter is properly positioned, the PFM-711B will indicate the electrostatic field measured on its display.

Use it with a Recording Device
The PFM-711B is the most flexible field meter in the ESD control marketplace. Combined with a variety of accessories, it can perform many different measurements to analyze the static sensitive process or environment.The analog output allows documentation of measurements when used in conjunction with X-Y plotter, analog data recording device, or the Prostat PGA-710B Autoanalysis System. (Recording device and cable not included.)

Long Lasting Battery
The PFM-711B uses a 9 volt alkaline battery (included), which provides an approximate life of 30 hours. The display is designed to indicate when the battery is low. The low battery indicator is conveniently programmed to come in at 7.2 DC volts, which is the minimum voltage required for accurate measurements.