Prostat Corporation
PRK-130 Advanced Powder Resistance Kit
For resistance measurement of powders and granulated materials.
  • Measure the resistance of powders and granulated materials
  • Includes the PRS-801B Resistance System
  • Meets the requirements of NIOSH-TR-No. 42
  • Includes caliper, scale, trays and sieves
  • Grounding accessories included
  • Certificate of calibration traceable to NIST included



Now you can measure the resistance of powders, accurately & easily, on site.
The PRK-130 is an advanced kit that includes the PRF-930 Powder Resistance Fixture for measuring the bulk resistance of powder and granulated materials. Test material is placed in the cavity between the measurement plates. Once a measurement has been made in ohms, a fixture calculation, or correction factor, converts the resistance measurement to volume resistivity in ohm-cm.

Make Accurate Measurements of Powders
When connected to the PRS-801B Reistance System, the PRF-930 provides the most accurate resistance measurements. The PRS-801B uses an instrument ground reference for guarded plate measurements.

Meets Occupational Safety and Health JNIOSH-TR-No. 42
The PRK-130 Powder Fixture meets requirements of “Technical Recommendations of National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health JNIOSH-TR-No. 42 (2007) Recommendations for Requirements for Avoiding Electrostatic Hazards in Industry 2007”