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PRV-913B Dual Verification Fixture

  • Ensures spring loaded measurement pins compress and move freely
  • Verifies that measurement pins are properly connected to the probe circuitry
  • Incorporates an array of ten (10) each 10 megohm precision (±1%) resistors in parallel for verifying miniature concentric ring probes.
  • Provides a concentric ring reference measurement of 1.0×106 (<±2%) ohms
  • Provides a 1-megohm (1.0×106 ±1% ohms) reference measurement for Two-Point Probes.

Technical Specs



Ensures your Miniature Probes functions as intended

The PRV-913B’s main purpose is to verify that a Prostat® micro probe resistance fixtures – either the PRF-912B Miniature Concentric Ring or the PRF-922B Miniature Two-Point Probe – physically functions as intended. That is, the spring loaded contacts compress and extend freely and are electrically connected to the probe’s circuitry. Properly used, the PRV-913B insures that all PRF-912B & PRF-922B spring loaded test probes make defined contact with the reference surface inside the verification fixture. If good contact is made, the fixture provides a 1-megohm (1.0×106 ohms) reference measurement (±1%) with a nominal variance of <2%, i.e., 9.98x105 to 1.02×106 ohms.


Consists of a high resistance circuit board
Approximately 2 inches (50.1mm) square by 0.82 inches (21mm) thick, the PRV-913B consists of a high quality black anodized housing and high resistance circuit board. One side of the PRV-913B circuit assembly incorporates an array of ten (10) each 10 megohm precision (±1%) resistors in parallel, connecting the center pad to each of the ten peripheral trace pads. It provides a specific reference resistance of 1.0×106 ohms (<±2%) for the Concentric Ring side of the fixture. The 2-Point Probe side of the fixture incorporates a 1.0x106 ohms (<±1%) resistor connected across two test pads.

No other accessories included.