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PPK-646 Engineers Field Service Kit

  • Portable ESD Field Service Kit that can be set up anywhere an engineer needs to work on sensitive components or devices.
  • Features a unique multi-layer construction that is flexible, non-tacky and color stable.
  • Includes a 15 foot Ground Cord and a Bulldog Clip.
  • Includes a Q007B Common Point Ground Plug.
  • Includes an adjustable Metal Band Wrist Strap
  • Includes 9-1/2 x 7 inch storage pocket with Velcro sealable closure.

Technical Specs


The unique static-dissipative PPK-646 Engineers Field Service Kit is designed to easily carry sensitive devices and other products. This fabric, featuring a unique multi-layer construction is flexible, non-tacky and color stable.

Using this Field Service Kit allows the engineer to fold and set up a workstation anywhere in the plant. Only available in blue, the PPK-646 Engineers Field Service Kit is highly resistant to tearing.

The buried conductive layer is the primary path to ground within the structure. Its construction provides the same resistance-to-ground measurements from any point on the material. It also includes a handy storage pouch for miscellaneous accessories.

The PWS-620 Wrist Strap features a metal wristband that incorporates a patented linking system. It enables you to adjust the strap to fit virtually any wrist size. This unique band comes manufactured in 130mm lengths and can be easily enlarged using one or more of the five 10mm nylon expansion links included. The band is extremely comfortable, as each one is “custom fit” to the user. The wrist strap cord is a heavy duty, lightweight construction of single bundle, laced tensile conductors reinforced with synthetic fibers. The cord incorporates a one megohm (±10%) resistor molded into the snap connection. The ground connection is a standard banana plug.

The Q007B Qube™ is a Common Point Ground Connector that replaces expensive electrical ground circuit testers and indicators with a convenient, cost effective means to connect vital ESD controls to grounded electrical outlets.