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PGA-710 Walking Test System Kit

  • Footwear and Flooring Combinations
  • Carts and Chairs
  • Packaging Materials & Systems
  • Production Aids
  • Worksurface Voltage Supression
  • Ionization Offset Voltage & Decay Performance
  • Production Aids & Materials
  • Record Process Equipment Field Voltage

Technical Specs



The PGA-710B is a unique electrostatic data analysis device for use with the PFK-100B Fieldmeter/Charge Plate Monitor Set. It records, plots, analyzes and automatically constructs reports of body voltage generation, electrostatic decay, voltage retention, ionizer performance and other static measuring functions. Its analytical features document and automatically calculate projected levels of typical Human Body (HBM) voltages. It helps determine the risk of equaling or exceeding damaging or hazardous HBM discharge voltages in static sensitive facilities.

The Autoanalyzer links to a Field meter’s analog output and lap top computer’s USB using provided cables. Its Autoanalysis Applications software converts your instruments into a digital chart recording system with automatic analysis and reporting features. The PGA-710B will perform measurement and recording functions, perform data analysis, generate charts, then construct and print out complete reports, including the facility’s ambient temperature and relative humidity during each test.

The PGA-710B can be used as a freestanding data logger or recorder for later downloading to your computer. It will communicate with your computer via USB port.

The PGA-710B’s unique software will instantly perform mathematical and statistical functions to assist ESD Program Managers and Plant Auditors in defining strengths and weaknesses of the ESDS device transport and handling process. The PGA-710B will calculate the 3-Sigma ranges of Walking and Standing body voltages in your facility, graphically plot the percent probability of equaling or exceeding specific body voltages in the process, and calculate the maximum, minimum and average of voltage generation or decay times.

The PFK-100 set includes Prostat’s unique PFM-711B Dual Range Field Meter, CPM-720B Charged Plate Monitor assembly and PCS-730B ±1 kv Electrostatic Charger. With this instrument set you can measure electrostatic fields, analyze ionizer performance and assess the voltage generation of materials, equipment and personnel.

The battery operated PFM-711B Field Meter is a compact “electronic chopper” design with accuracy of ±5% at ambient conditions (23ºC and 30%Rh). It features automatic polarity, measurement “hold” button, low battery indicator, high and low ranges, distance ranging lights for accurate and repeatable measurements, manual zero control and a ground snap.

The CPM-720B Charge Plate Assembly is 3.25 inches square. It attaches to the PFM-711B field meter that can be used for compliance verification testing of ionizers per ESD TR53 or ANSI/ESD SP3.3.