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PFK-101 Basic Field Kit

  • Measure electrostatic fields
  • Balance ionizers and analyze ionizer performance
  • Measure temperature and relative humidity
  • Measure body voltages
  • Measure decay time
  • Measure charge generation

Technical Specs


The battery-operated PFM-711B Field Meter is a compact electronic “chopper” design with accuracy of ±5% at ambient conditions (23ºC and 30% Rh). It features automatic polarity, measurement “Hold” button, low-battery indicator, high and low ranges, distance ranging lights for accurate and repeatable measurements, manual zero control and a ground snap. With the supplied analog output cable, it can be used in conjunction with the PDT-740B Static Decay Timer or any analog data recording device such as the PGA-710B Autoanalysis System.

The CPM-720B Charge Plate Assembly is 3.25 inches square. It attaches to the PFM-711B field meter for ionizer balancing, voltage or charge generation, charge decay and voltage suppression analysis.

The PDT-740B Static Decay Timer provides voltage decay time measurements of ionizers and controlled materials from 1,000 volts to 100, 50 or 10 volts. Used with the PFM-711B, it furnishes automatic reset and timing functions, LED status indicators and displays decay time from 0.2 to 159.9 seconds.

The PHT-771 uses a capacitive sensor to provide accurate temperature and humidity readings. This instrument includes a sample “Hold” function and a “Min/Max” button to view different levels reached during the measurement period.

The PFK-101 includes a modified wrist strap for instrument and personnel grounding, a common point ground adapter plug and an operator’s manual, all packaged in a specially designed carrying case.