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PED-655 Engineer’s Desktop ESD Workstation

  • Contains everything a technician needs for setting up a static control work area.
  • The rubber worksurface mat is a unique bench-top surface covering designed to be used as a grounded tablemat or is volume groundable to conductive workstation.
  • Can also be laminated directly to a workbench in place of rigid laminates.
  • This mat is made from StatMat™, a unique, high performance rubber worksurface material that uses volume electrical properties in addition to surface dissipation to protect your sensitive static sensitive products.
  • Each mat is equipped with two ground snaps for easy access to ground.
  • Every Prostat worksurface is Performance Certified; documentation is provided.

Technical Specs



Static can be a problem anywhere. ESD test equipment is a necessity. It is especially dangerous to new designs and developmental projects. Now, a complete, portable desktop ESD workstation can easily be set up anywhere the engineer is working. Don’t be caught unprotected. Use this handy workstation any time you are working on a circuit board, evaluating components or testing prototypes. Set it up at your desk, in the conference room or any temporary workspace. Each workstation is ESD performance tested.

Each PED-655 Workstation includes a PRM-652 12 x 16 inch Auditors Rubber Mat, a PGC-015G 15ft Green Ground cord, a Prostat Qube™ and a PWS-620 Wrist Strap.

The PRM-652 ESD test equipment is manufactured from static dissipative work surface material. The PRM-652 is a dual-layer synthetic rubber surface covering with volume functional static dissipative properties. The mat has two 10 mm ground snaps installed for easy connection to ground using the PGC-015G ground cord supplied.

The PGC-016B is a low profile ground connection. Equipped with a 10 mm male snap connection, it easily attaches to a mat ground snap. Within the housing are two female banana connections for wrist strap grounding. The cord is 15 feet long with a standard banana plug for ground connection.

The PWS-620 Wrist Strap features a metal wristband that incorporates a patented linking system. It enables you to adjust the strap to fit virtually any wrist size. This unique band comes manufactured in 130mm lengths and can be easily enlarged using one or more of the five 10mm nylon expansion links included. The band is extremely comfortable, as each one is “custom fit” to the user. The wrist strap cord is a heavy duty, lightweight construction of single bundle, laced tensile conductors reinforced with synthetic fibers. The cord incorporates a one megohm (±10%) resistor molded into the snap connection. The ground connection is a standard banana plug.

The Prostat Qube™ ESD test equipment replaces expensive electrical ground circuit testers and indicators with a convenient, cost effective means to connect vital ESD controls to grounded electrical outlets.