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PAR-809C Variable Resistance Reference

  • Perform Functional Testing of resistance equipment instead of sending to 3rd Party Service centers
  • Eliminates the need for multiple units used to replace units sent for 3rd party Service
  • Reduces Labor, freight , number of purchase orders, downtime and all related costs
  • PAR-809C uses 1% tolerance reference resisters to test PASS/FAIL settings and to confirm proper equipment operation
  • Instead of sending a variety of your resistance PASS/FAIL instruments for annual testing, send the PAR-809 once each year to verify and certify actual resistance values
  • Test wrist strap and, or footwear checkers, resistance measurement devices and indicators

Technical Specs


Meets ISO-9001 Requirements

ISO-9001 requires that measurement equipment be calibrated or verified at specified levels prior to use. Functional testing with a verified reference meets this requirement. That’s why Prostat designed the first variable resistance reference over 20 years ago dedicated to ESD PASS/FAIL wrist strap and footwear checkers. The PAR-809C set is used to verify any resistance measuring equipment for accuracy whenever you want.

A Low Cost In-Plant Verification

With the proper use of the PAR-809C, operation of resistance indicating equipment is easily verified to assure accurate, functional performance of critical ESD control tools. The PAR-809C provides low cost in-plant verification. Now you can self-certify wrist strap checkers, footwear checkers, drop down resistance/resistivity meters, ohm meters, meggers and resistance meters instead of sending the equipment out for calibration or certification. No need to pay for outside services, if calibration is not necessary.

Easy to Use

This decade box is easy to use with 12 pre-set resistance ranges that are easily identified by turning a knob and seeing the bright yellow LED indicator light up. It runs on one 9 volt battery for thousands of measurements. The PAR-809C is delivered with everything you need including manufacturers verification and operators manual.