Prostat Corporation
Benefits of Purchasing Through Authorized Resellers
Prostat Corporation is committed to responsible business practices based on quality, integrity and fairness. We distribute our products exclusively through a network of authorized Prostat resellers and distributors. There are valuable benefits to purchasing through authorized distribution.

To maintain these standards, Prostat’s warranty protection will only be provided for Prostat products purchased from an Authorized Prostat Reseller. Any Prostat product purchased from a non-authorized distributor will not be covered under the Prostat Limited Warranty & Limitation of Liability.

Please review our Warranty Information.

In order to maintain your warranty protection, please ensure that the reseller you purchase from is a Prostat Authorized Reseller.

To identify an Authorized Prostat Reseller and ensure that you qualify for the benefits above, look for one of these icons on the reseller’s website:
Authorized Prostat Reseller
Authorized Calibration Lab
Please help us prohibit questionable business practices and any misrepresentation of Prostat products by unauthorized resellers and report suspected practices to Prostat appreciates your help in upholding the brand and value of your Prostat products.