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PRV-815 Premium Electrode Qualification Kit

  • Use to Qualifying or Cerftifying Material & Installation
  • Verification fixture to measure resistance and flatness of pads included
  • Each electrode has a resistance of less than 10 ohms
  • Flatness is measured and within Prostat’s Specs
  • Premium Electrodes Capped to protect the pad against deformation
  • Light Dressing Pad is included to clean and dress the electrode pad if needed
  • Ceritificate of Calibration Traceable to NIST provided

Technical Specs


This kit includes the PRV-813 Conductive Rubber Electrode Verifier which is precision fabricated to electrically measure the surface flatness of the electrode’s conductive rubber surface to within approximately 0.003 inch. Considering surface irregularities, flatness insures the electrode’s ability to make full contact with a surface under test.

The fixture includes 20 contact pads, each connected to a 10 megohm [1.0×107 (±1%) ohm] resistor, all connected in parallel to each other. If an electrode surface is uniformly flat and makes contact with all 20 pads, the electrode resistance will be between 4.95×105 to 5.05×105 ohms. The approximate range of the PRV-813, 5.00×105 ohms ±1%.