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Electrostatic Field Meters

Our portable Static Field Meters are capable of measuring surface voltage and polarity on objects up to ±19.99 kV at a distance of 1 inch. When paired with the CPM-720B Charge Plate Monitor Assembly, it allows to measure offset voltage and discharge times for the periodic verification of ionizers per ANSI/ESD SP3.3 and ESD TR53.

PFM-711B Static Field Meter

Portable, Dual Range and battery operated, the PFM-711B uses chopper stabilized technology to provide accurate field measurements at ambient condition. It measures in low range from 0 to ±1,999 volts in single volt increments and high range from 0 to ±20,000 Volts in 10 volt increments. Use to measure static fields at the workstation, on packaging, people, chairs, carts, and other equipment in the sensitive environment.

PFM-711B Data Sheet

PFK-100B Field Meter Kit

The PFK-100B kit includes the PFM-711B dual range field meter that is match calibrated to the CPM-720B charged plate monitor assembly and the PCS-730B ±1 kV Electrostatic Charger. With this kit you can measure electrostatic fields, analyze ionizer performance, balance ionizers and measure charge generation on materials, equipment and personnel.

PFK-100B Data Sheet

PDT-740B Static Decay Timer

The PDT-740B provides decay time measurements for evaluating ionizers, packaging materials, footwear, personnel grounding, production aids, some equipment and many other ESD control products. Measure the decay time of ionizers from ±1,000 volts to less than 100 volts in accordance with ESD Association’s Ionization Standard ANSI/ESD STM3.1

PDT-740B Data Sheet