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Concetric Rings & Miniature Probes

For measuring surface and volume resistance according to ANSI/ESD STM11.11 and ANSI/ESD STM11.12, or point-to-point resistance in accordance with ANSI/ESD STM11.13, we have the right probe for your application. Our probe fixtures are designed to be portable and work with our wide range resistance meters.

PRF-911 Concetric Ring Set

Designed originally for flat (planar) packaging materials, this unique portable test fixture will measure surface resistance and volume resistivity of virtually any flat material in accordance with ANSI/ESD STM11.11, ANSI/ESD STM11.12 and ASTM D-257.

PRF-911 Data Sheet

PRF-912B Mini Concentric Ring

The PRF-912B Miniature E12 Micro Probe Set accurately measures surface resistance of small areas up to 1.0×1012 ohms. It is designed to work with a precision wide range resistance instrument, such as the PRS-801 Resistance System, PRS-812 Resistance Meter or PAS-853B Wide Range Ohmmeter.

PRF-912B Data Sheet

PRF-922B Two-Point Probe

The PRF-922B Miniature Two Point probe accurately measures point-to-point resistance of small areas capable of measurements up to 1.0×1012 ohms. When used with the supplied conductive rubber boots, it provides point-to-point resistance measurements in accordance with ANSI/ESD STM11.13.

PRF-922B Data Sheet