PAS-853B Wide Range Ohmmeter
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  • PAS-853B Wide Range Ohmmeter
    Wide Range Resistance Meter Designed to Support ANSI/ESD S20.20 Program Standard
    • Wide Resistance Measurement Range from 0.01 ohm to 9.99x1012 ohms
    • Nominal Full Range Tolerance Averages <±5%
    • Fully Automatic Resistance Range, Test Voltage and Electrification Period control
    • Automatic or Continuous Electrification Control
    • Rugged High Performance 80 inches (200cm) Test Leads
    • Powered by one long lasting 9V alkaline battery
    • Large, easy to read LCD Display
    • Meets requirements of ESD Association Standards for material and audit resistance measurement requirements
    • Certificate of Calibration Traceable to NIST included
    The PAS-853B is a constant voltage wide range ohmmeter designed specifically for ESD Plant Auditors who must make many measurements quickly while supporting ANSI/ESD S20.20 Program Standard and periodic verification requirements.

    The PAS-853B performs in accordance with standard resistance measurement practices outlined in ANSI/ESD 541 Packaging and meets all audit requirements of ESD TR53.

    Variable & Constant Test Voltages in Auto Mode:

    • <10 Volts Variable from 0.01 to 9.9x103 ohms
    • 10 Volts (±<5% Constant Voltage) from 1.0x104 to 9.99x105 ohms
    • 100 Volts (±<2% Constant Voltage) from 1.0x106 to 9.99x1012 ohms

    Technical Specifications


    ON/OFF Battery Bus Cut-off
    Slide Switch ON SIDE OF CASE

    ON: Energizes instrument and LCD displays Software Version then GO A with AUTO indication (Default)

    OFF: Isolates battery and DC voltage from instrument controls and circuit. Use for transport and storage

    TEST Pad
    With Test Leads installed: Press once & Release.
    Measurements performed automatically

    In conjunction with MODE changes from Auto operation to Continuous

    MODE Pad
    Steps through Auto/Voltage ranges with each press of MODE Pad:

    • AUTO: Default automatic resistance range & Voltage control
    • <10V: Manual Operation 0.01 to =10V Test Voltage;
      • Resistance Range: 0.01E-1 to 9.99E9 O
    • 10V: Manual Operation at 10V (Nominal, Semi-Constant)
      • Resistance Range: 0.98E4 to 9.99E10 O
    • 100V: Manual Operation at 100V (±<5V) Constant Voltage
      • Resistance Range: 0.98E6 to 9.99E12 O
      • When data in HOLD, press MODE to terminate HOLD without changing operational mode
      • Press MODE with TEST to change from Auto to Continuous
      • Used to measure lead resistance (NULL)
      • Used by Prostat Authorized Technicians for Voltage Calibration


    Positive (+): Test Voltage (RED) – Supplies test voltage to electrodes/fixtures

    Negative (-): Current sensing (BLACK) – Conducts current from electrode, fixtures or Ground to instrument

    Chassis: Shielding connection to chassis (WHITE) – Reduces transmitted energy and effect on current measurement

    Note: ¾ inch spacing between RED and BLACK accommodates dual banana BNC adapters


    Colored LED’s indicate instrument operational MODE and Test Voltage (YELLOW) used for the current measurement, as well as measurement completion (GREEN LED).

    • AUTO: ON during automatic operations; OFF in Manual mode
    • <10V
    • 10V
    • 100V
    • GREEN LED: Measurement hold


    1Nominal performance by range:

    0.01E- 1 – 1.0E 0 O <±10%, ±2 Counts
    1.0E 0 – 9.99E10 O <±2%, ±2 Counts
    1.0E11 – 9.99E12 O <± 10%, ±4 Counts


    Automatically selected and controlled in AUTO mode. May be manually selected by pressing MODE pad in the following order:

    <10V Variable based on resistance load:

    • Provides 0.001 to =10V
    • Functional in AUTO within range 0.01 O - <1.0E+4 O
    • Manual Operation Resistance Range: 0.01E-1 to 9.99E+9 O

    10V Constant Voltage (Under Load):

    • Test Voltage Varies ± <5% in AUTO or Manual Operations
    • Functional in AUTO within range 1.0E+4O - <1.0E+6 O
    • Manual Operation Resistance Range: 0.9E+4 to 9.99E+10 O

    100V Constant Voltage (Under Load):

    • Test Voltage Varies ± <2% in AUTO or Manual Operations
    • Functional in AUTO within range 1.0E+6 O - <1.0E+13 O
    • Manual Operation Resistance Range: 0.90E6 to 9.99E12 O
      Returns to Auto Mode


    GO A: Performs all automatic and manual voltage select functions, stops and displays measurements after Electrification Period (EP) is complete, then displays data with Green LED ON for 10 seconds.

    GO C: Performs all automatic and manual voltage select functions, continuously displays measurements until the operator presses MODE or TEST pads. GO C disables electrification period controls.


    One 9V alkaline transistor battery; battery life > 50 hours


    7.25 in. (184 mm) x 4.3 in, (109 mm) x 1.4 in.


    13.2 oz. (375 gram) with battery installed


    1Tolerance and accuracy measurements were conducted under controlled conditions with close tolerance reference resistors.

    Do not attempt to open instrument case:

    • No internal operational parts or adjustments
    • Provides access to 100DCV power supply
    • Damage to instrument and environmental seals may occur
    • Will void warranty
    • Store instrument in case and dry environment


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