ESD flooring standards ensure proper selection and installation of static control flooring.
July 2014 |
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The purpose of this procedure is to document the key administrative and technical requirements of the ESD Control Program used by Leading Edge Inc. (LEI) This program has been developed to comply with the ESD Control Program requirements of ANSI/ESD S20.20.
March 2014 |
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ANSI/ESD S20.20 requires that the ESD controls used in compliant program be periocally verified. This article gives detailed measurement instructions for Worksurfaces, Seating, Carts, Flooring, Garments, Packaging, Personne Grounding, Static Fields and Ionization.
February 2014 |
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This article is being written due to the author's issues with a brand name treadmill that incorporated a television set along with other touch pad features. The circuit card had to be replaced and may have been due...
November 2013 |
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Outstanding question! If the reader will recall from last month’s article, initial lab testing was conducted by the author for Type III static shielding bags to ANSI/ESD STM11.31-2012. According to the ESD Association...
November 2013 |
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During transport and shipping, RH condi- tions can reach to less than 4% representative of winter months in Colorado or Santa Ana Wind conditions in California. In flight, the relative humidity of the aircraft cabin dropped from 60%RH to 9.33% after 20 minutes...
September 2013 |
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In July 2013, the ESD Experts page on LinkedIn® started a discussion by a USA computer manufacturing ...
September 2013 |
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This technical report provides an approach to determine the level of protection provided by the installed electrostatic discharge (ESD) controls in a process where unprotected ESD sensitive devices (ESDS) are handled...
January 2013 |
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The electronics industry is terribly confused by the term Class 0. Particularly when it comes to electrostatic discharge (ESD) device sensitivity and how the term applies to factory controls designed to mitigate ESD. The confusion manifests itself through the many companies and engineers seeking direction on how to “become qualified to handle Class 0 devices.
September 2010 |
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The manufacturing of ESD control products (wrist straps, footwear, flooring, mats, ionizers, shielding bags, etc.) for handling electronic devices is a multi-million dollar business...
March 2010 |
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As awareness of ESD has increased over the years, many companies have implemented programs designed to combat the effects of this pervasive problem. Often these efforts are directed at the symptoms of ESD losses as they manifest themselves in specific operations, rather than defining the problem cause and impact...
February 2010 |
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High Relative Humidity (above 50%) can cause deposits of moisture on instrument circuitry. This moisture could cause erratic operation when attempting to measure very high resistance...
September 2008 |
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Because the movement of people and materials through sensitive electronics environments generates static charges, the selection and use of floor materials to control electrostatic discharge becomes a critical issue...
September 2008 |
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A new approach analyzes the manufacturing critical path, defining locations of charge generation and discharge, and types of device ESD failure mechanisms experienced in the process. The technique identifies the device sensitivities a process is capable of handling in relation to HBM, CDM, Field Induction and Machine...
September 2008 |
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