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Use the form below to request an RMA No. to return your equipment for repair or calibration.

IMPORTANT: All calibration and repair originating outside the United States must be paid for using any major credit cards.

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PFK-100Includes the PFM-711A, CPM-720A & PCS-730 PHT-770 PSI-870
PGT-601 PHT-771 PMT-872
PGT-602 PRS-800 PRF-911
PGT-61-154 PRS-801 PRF-912
PGT-61-164 PRS-812 PRV-913
PGT-61-164CN PWA-805 PRF-914
PFM-711A PAR-809 PRF-922
PCS-715 PAR-809B PGA-710
PDT-740 PAR-809C CVM-780
PAN-750 PMM-810 PAS-853