PAS-105 Test Kit
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  • PAS-105 Test Kit
    Meeting audit requirements of ESD TR53
    • Designed to make all ESD TR53 resistance audit measurements
    • Wide Operating Range: 0.01 to ≥ 1.0E+12Ω
    • Use as Standard Resistance instrument with 2 leads
    • Convenient "Press & Release" to start test cycle
    • Automatically controls Range Selection, Voltage & Test Period
    • Use with choice of Test Fixtures for specialized measurements requiring approximately 5 pounds of pressure
    • Provides Pressure Indication

    Has been replaced with the PAS-853BRM Digital Surface Resistance Test Kit

    The PAS-853 is Beautifully Designed
    Beautifully Designed
    This digital wonder is designed specifically for the plant ESD auditor who needs to make many measurements quickly. Its design and accessories reduce inconvenient weight and time required for routine measurements.

    The PAS-853 instrument is a wide range ohmmeter that measures accurately from 0.01 to 1.0x1012 ohms. In AUTO mode the instrument automatically adjusts resistance range and selects test voltage in accordance with standard practices outlined in ANSI/ESD STM11.11, and meets audit requirements of ESD TR53:

    • 10 Volts Variable applied from 0.01 to 9.9x103 ohms and provides audible continuity indication below 1.6 ohms
    • 10 Volts ± <4V applied from 1.0x104 to 9.9x105 ohms
    • 100 Volts ± <3V (Constant) applied from 1.0x106 to 1.0x1012 ohms

    Used with two multi-conductor well insulated test leads, the PAS-853 is easy to use and makes fast measurements with minimum effort.

    A Most Convenient Auditing Instrument
    A Most Convenient Auditing Instrument
    Using Prostat's highly flexible, multi-strand leads, the PAS-853 makes all conventional TR53 audit measurements with a simple Press & Release of its TEST pad. Combine the leads with included, fixtures, clips and clamps for your periodic measurements.

    Use your 5 lb. electrodes to make your measurements. Optionally, conveniently connect your specialized fixtures (not included in the PAS-105) directly to the instrument using dual banana plug adapters.

    Designed for the ESD Auditor
    Designed for the ESD Auditor
    The PAS-105 system simplifies plant periodic verification and makes the audit process more convenient. It supports ESD TR53 Compliance Verification of ESD Protective Equipment and Materials.

    The PAS system was designed by Professional ESD Auditors, for ESD Auditors.

    Other PAS Configurations
    For other configurations and kits of the PAS system, please visit the following:

    Technical Specifications

    ON/OFF Battery Bus Cut-off

    Slide Switch ON SIDE OF CASE
    ON: Energizes instrument and LCD displays Software Version then
    GO with AUTO indication (Default)


    When sufficient* pressure is applied measurements start at low voltage and display the value (e.g. 1.2E4) as well as the voltage in use. Used in conjunction with CAL?


    Steps through Auto/Voltage ranges:
    • AUTO: Default automatic resistance range & Voltage control
    • <10V: Manual Operation 4mV to =10V Test Voltage; Resistance Range: 0.0E-1 to 1.0E9 ? @ approx. 8V
    • 10V: Manual Operation at 10V (Nominal, Semi-Constant) Resistance Range: 0.9E4 to 1.0E10 ? @ 6 to 10V
    • 100V: Manual Operation at 100V (±3V) Constant Voltage Resistance Range: 0.9E6 to 1.0E12 ?
    • When data in HOLD, press MODE to terminate HOLD without changing operational mode
    • Used to enter fixture or lead resistance NULL mode and Pressure calibration CAL? Mode.


    Lead Terminals: Positive (+) Test Voltage and Negative (-) current sensing at front end of instrument. Note ¾ inch spacing to accommodate dual banana – BNC adapters

    Fixture Terminals: Four PAS fixture receptacles located on bottom of instrument case


    0.1E- 1 -- 1.0E 0 ? <±10% ±1 Counts Nominal ±5%
    1.0E 0 -- 1.0E11 ? <± 5% ±2 Counts Nominal ±2%
    1.0E11 -- 1.0E12 ? <± 20% ±5 Counts Nominal ±10%

    Nominal represents typical overall performance across measurement range under test lab conditions


    Soft Pressure: (SoftPr) Less than 4.0 pounds For use with PAS test Leads


    Low Pressure (Lo. Pr.) – 3 lb. 8 oz. to 4 lb. 8 oz.
    High Pressure (Hi. Pr.) – 4 lb. 10 oz. to 5 lb. 6 oz.

    Note: Nominal ranges set at factory. User may reset.


    Date in exponential format to one decimal place, i.e. X.XEYY

    Vertical marks to indicate
    Auto Mode
    Test voltage of measurement data
    Manual Mode, selected test voltage

    Go: Instrument ready to measure
    no:base: Fixture or leads not properly installed

    - - - -|: Applied pressure too low

    |- - - -: Applied pressure too high

    Cal?: Adjustment ready for pressure
    rNull: Calibration, or Null
    Store?: System asking to store Null or Pressure Settings
    Sof Pr: Allows setting soft pressure for routine
    L.O. Pr: Allows setting low pressure for use with mounted fixture
    Hi Pr: Allows setting High Pressure for use with mounted fixture
    StorEd: Indicates setting(s) is/are stored


    One 9V alkaline transistor battery


    7.25 in. (184.15 MM) x 4.25 in, (108.0 mm) x 1.5 in. (38.1 mm)


    1 lb. 0.2 oz. (454 grm)


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