PRF-901A Miniature One-Point Probe Adapter
  • PRF-901A Miniature One-Point Probe Adapter
    Use with the microprobes PRF-912B, PRF-922B and PRF-922A-B for 1-point measurement indication.
    • Modified BNC/Banana Adapter for converting Prostat Micor Probes to single point point probes..

    • Measures 2.25 inches long and weighs only 0.4 oz

    • Includes one (1) each Adapter and a 36 inch Black Silicone Test Lead.

    Has been replaced with the PRF-922B Miniature Two-Point Probe Set

    The PRF-901A Miniature One-Point Probe Adapter accessory is offered to Prostat micro probe customers as a convenience in converting their fixtures to single point probes in a convenient manner when necessary. Current references for use of such a resistance measurement device are ANSI/ESD STM11.13 that specifies a Two-Point micro probe, and ANSI/ESD STM11.12 that discusses volume resistance of planar materials.

    The modified BNC/Banana adapter is used to connect a single test pin of a PRF-912B, PRF-922B and PRF-922A-B fixture to the negative (-) terminal of a wide range resistance measurement instrument, such as the PRS-801 or PRS-812 instruments. The test lead is intended to connect a metal test bed that is insulated from ground to the positive (+) test voltage supply terminal of the resistance instrument. This is consistent with the recommended measurement setup outlined in ANSI/ESD STM11.12 for volume resistance measurement.

    To insure accuracy and maintain the performance of the micro probes, the shielded cable supplied with Prostat micro probes is always used with the modified BNC/Banana adapter. Tests indicate errors of half decade or greater when the shielded cable is not used as described. It is the user’s responsibility to use good measurement practices and follow directions to achieve accurate measurements.

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