PED-718 ESD Event Detector
  • PED-718 ESD Event Detector
    Detect, locate and identify ESD events in your process
    • Hand-held indicator of ESD events
    • Adjustable alarm threshold
    • 10-LED bar graph indicating relative ESD event strength
    • Four-digit display counting the number of events
    • CDM filter switch to reject non-ESD events
    • Portable with 9 volt battery
    • Includes a carrying case
    The PED-718 is a portable indicator that will help you quickly detect ESD events in your process. If you’re handling ESD sensitive devices, use the PED-718 to detect and count discharges as well as showing you the relative strength of each ESD event.

    Settings give the user the ability to adjust the alarm threshold to detect and count only those discharges that exceed the threshold. The LED’s will turn red if the discharge exceeds the threshold. There is a sound switch that can also be used to detect ESD events that exceed the threshold.

    To confirm that your ESD protection is effective is to know whether you have ESD events in your environment, how strong they are and how many of them occur. The PED-718 is the right tool to show you the effectiveness of your ED program.

    The PED-718 is capable of rejecting most non-ESD related EMI events by using a filter that separates and rejects signals that are different from classic ESD events.

    Installing and maintaining an effective ESD program requires a wide range of measuring equipment. The PED-718 can help determine the source of potentially damaging ESD events and is an important part of every ESD coordinator’s tool kit.

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