Stephen Halperin, President & Founder

Steve Halperin: Founder of Prostat Corproation

The founder of SH&A and Prostat Corporation started work in static control in 1968 and eventually became Executive Vice President of Analytical Chemical Laboratories in 1977, a business owned by his family. While at ACL he increased industrial sales of topical antistatic chemicals from 4% of company sales to 96% of sales. He developed laboratory testing services, new instrumentation and marketing techniques for servicing ESD related markets.

In 1983 he founded Stephen Halperin & Associates, Limited (SH&A) specializing in ESD Consulting, Laboratory Testing, Product Development and Training. While consulting for Bell Communication Research (BELLCORE) in 1991 he developed a compact instrument system for the evaluation and auditing of static sensitive environments. BELLCORE asked that the system be produced for commercial purposes. Steve founded Prostat Corporation in response to industry’s needs and introduced the new technology in September 1992 at the ESD Symposium.

Steve designs all Prostat product concepts, and develops prototypes for testing with outside engineers. Once the product meets performance requirements outside engineering services assist in commercializing the product for manufacture. Typically circuit boards and other product components are manufactured by contractors. Instruments are assembled by Prostat personnel at the Bensenville, Illinois facility. Prostat is known for innovation, performance and quality.

His responsibilities include corporate management, long term planning & strategy, coordinating engineering and legal services. Steve provides technical service support, writes product manuals and negotiates corporate contracts.

Steve has been active in a variety of industry development activities both domestically and internationally. He is a frequent speaker and trainer at several industry events and continues to provide consulting services to selected companies. Steve is an original member of the ESD Association serving on the first board of directors, and several terms since 1984. He served in virtually every ESDA officer position including two terms as President. He chaired the Standards Committee, developed international alliances in ANSI and IEC, Chaired the Education and Professional Certification Committees and has received several awards for his work and industry contributions. He has authored several papers and articles for publication.