ESD Control Experts in major international organizations specify Prostat equipment based on instrument design, quality, accuracy, usefulness and availability of practical accessories. Our comprehensive kits have set the standard for auditing, processing and facility evaluation around the world.


Prostat instruments and accessories are engineered for portability and flexibility in meeting virtually any static control measurement challenge. Our custom and standard kits not only replace many expensive traditional instruments, they contain everything needed for complete analysis when and where you need it.


Prostat manufactures to the highest current standards for electrostatic measurements and procedures. Close performance tolerances and reliability are the watchwords for setting our standards of performance in field and resistance measurements.


Every Prostat instrument and accessory is tested, calibrated and performance documented prior to shipment. Our customers receive complete NIST traceable performance documentation on every instrument we ship. We provide Calibration and Repair services, customer follow-up, training and ongoing support.